( Vortex, L'Imploseur, Putain de tÚlÚ... )

Done at the  Wagram convention in Paris, October 19, 2002 


Comment : One year later, same place, I meet Stan and Vince again. Same fun astmosphere, same conversation: Movies and same bashing against the director Shyamalan. Last year we bashed " unbreakable", this time we spoke about the crappy " Signs". After discussing what we hate in movies, we talked about what we liked but people usually dislike ( kinda guilty pleasure). I learned that Stan and Vince are big fans of Ben Stiller and specialy his movie " Zoolander" ( it bombed in France ). They are so passionate that i start to feel obliged to run and rent the video ASAP.

But back to the sketch : Even if the discussion was fun, the main reason I came that saturday  was to get Vince's vision of Dr Doom ( last year i had Stan's vision so i couldn't wait to add Vince's sketch to my collection).

Vince started to draw Doom's gauntlet and ended with the mask. I really dig the perspective and the fact that Doom's hand is in the foreground.

By the way, I still haven't found the time to rent " Zoolander" ( i know I suck ) but hopefully I will see it before i meet Stan and Vince again :)