Chris Gosset

( Red Star... )


 Done at the Album comicshop in Paris  in January 2003


Comment: This time again I almost didn't ask Christian for a dr Doom because some retards kept telling me that Chris only drew "Red Star" characters cause he didn't want and didn't know how to draw other characters. Yeah right!  Anyway I'm glad I didn't listen to those morons ! 'Cause as you can see Chris knows how to draw every character.  Chris didn't need any visual reference for this Dr Doom and was more than happy to offer me his  vision of the character. 

Chris also told me that Dr Doom was one of his favorite character and that he would like to tell a story about him someday. So if an editor of Marvel read this, please contact Chris 'cause i would love to read this story !

At the signing, Chris was with the whole red star team and even if the crew was pretty tired after a huge con' they just did, they were incredibly nice and friendly and didn't show how tired they were.

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