Carlos Pacheco

( Batman/Superman, X-men, Arrowsmith...)


Done at the "Paris BD" convention on  June 13th and june 14th 2003


Comment:Carlos was the first Artist I met who offered me a Dr Doom sketch so I thought that it would be a good idea to ask him for a last sketch since my work  doesn't allow me to go to signings during the week anymore  and also because now that I organise signings, well i can't go in line anymore.

At this con' , i knew that i was gonna be there for at least two days so i asked Carlos if he didn't mind doing it in two times : if he could do a rough version the first day and finish it another day.

Here is the final version and you got to Click here to see the rough version

Carlos had a rough time at the con' because on the 13th and 14th they installed a stage right next to his booth and  very lood and pretty lame bands performed non stop. It was so loud it was impossible to speak and Carlos had headaches after headaches. But it didn't stop him from drawing sketches to the fans as the other creators at the booth did.

Thanks a lot Carlos, if this sketch becomes my last one, i end  my collection with a marvelous one !