Stephane Roux

( Witchblade/double solitaire,...)


Done at his  home

Click here to see the color version

Comment:  Pretty neat right ? OK let me tell you the story behind that one: During a diner I couldn't attend to ( Making movies is fun but boy do I miss many meetings with comics Artists because of those :( ), Stephane asked to all the members of the website i used to be part of , which were our favorite characters. At the following diner that I could attend to ( Yeah I'm not making movies 24/7 :) ), Stephane offered me this beautifull sketch. I was speechless 'cause i didn't expect it at all ( communication was never the best quality of my past website partners anyway ) so I spluttered a simple " wow thanks ". But don't worry since then I had many occasions to properly thank  Stephane without spluttering :)

If you're wondering why Stephane used a blue pencil for this sketch, it's because Stephane started his carreer in Animation. 

By the way, if this image reminds you some recent bust that was made by Diamond, let me tell you that it's a pure coincidence!!! It's not the first time something like that happens to Stephane: Once he draw a wonder woman with a tiger and he was pretty surprised when he saw a month later a cover of Wonder woman published that was identical.  I think Stephane is telepath... Beware Charles Xavier !