Vincent Fourneuf

( Razoredge... )


Done at the collector's rdv convention in Paris in October 2003


Comment: Vincent was one of the artists I invited at the convention through my buddie Guile ( another talented artist). I didn't know Vincent but if Guile told me he knew a talented artist I trusted his judgment. And boy I'm glad I did ;) .

When the time of the convention arrived I was just a simple fan ( I left the website I was part of , offering them the con' on a silver plate. Yeah I know this was a super Dumb move since they were more than happy to "forget" that i was behind the whole thing, and get all the credits afterward ).

So anyway, as a simple fan, I waited in line with everyone and I went to see Vincent who is extremely nice and very talented as you can see. He took his sweet time to draw this one ( also because french editors talked a lot to him : I hope it will get him projects he deserves ) and it shows ! :)

Beside being talented and nice, Vincent is a  7/7  one-man-show: This guy crakes jokes everytime he opens his mouth  :)