This one is the original i used to play with  20 years ago... See i took care of my action figures ;) 

This one got his right hand that gets longer ? I have no idea where they got this weird idea. Maybe they mixed up Dr and Reed Richards... just weird... 

This one'cape is in real tissue and he got a... well you know the drill ;)  ( the worst is that I think I'm funny ;) )

I first bought that one in loose and it cost me an arm ( this seller was a thief !) then i bought a brand new one for peanuts. Damn speculators! Those are toys damn it ! I should have cleaned his boots before the shoot oh well...

Those are from the Marvel Legends series. Pretty neat , except that i'm not convinced about the little scare Doom got. He is supposed to have his whole face burned but oh well... The "Doombot" is the variant and is ridiculously expensive but thanks to Alain from Dekoninck who made me " an offer I couldn't refuse" now it's mine :). thanks Alain !

This is a marvel select, The face is not really great but beside this it's a great action figure , couldn't help but open it and display it. And this is another gift from Jesse of toystar ! ( man I'm spoiled )

I couldn't resist putting two shots of this goodie just so you can see without a doubt that Doom is about to kick the Thing's ass ! Or blast him as a matter of fact ;) 


Same thing but in a double pack with the infamous Reed Richards. I think they did other double packs .

 Heroclix. this stuff is addictive but hopefully i didn't fell for it. I just buy Doom and doombots ( Boy i'm so glad they didn't make dr Doom a "unique" )

This Kubrik comes from a double Pack Thing/dr Doom (Again Thanks to Jesse and Toystar :) ). I know there is an unmasked one but i still got to find it.

Yeah they even did some kind of Manga Doom. They also created in this style a few other Marvel characters : Magneto , Spidey, Venom, Iron-Man, thanos...

This Dr Doom PVC was made in Spain in 1996

This PVC was made in 1990

This one was made in Spain in 1990. I found it in a videostore in Paris: It was next to smurfees and Tintin. go figure... Looking for Doom goodies used to be real treasure hunting, now with ebay...