Paris Comics Expo 2004


Here are some pictures  from the convention, or at least my part of the convention : the comics alley . as you can see we had a nice , sunny room ( compared to the StarWars and Lord Of the Ring Actors who were just melting downstairs). And as you can not see, the walls were filled with copies of pencil pages the Artist brought + some stuff I printed myself that the Artists emailed me and people seemd to enjoy it. Ok you have to trust my word on this because i was to dumb  to takes pictures of those.

The atmosphere was really great, I felt stressed out  but great. Most fans were polite and friendly ( 99,9% actually since the regular jerks knew they were not welcomed ) and everyone had a sketch  per day at least ( some even got 4 or 5 ).


the Panel : As far as I know , this is a first in Paris. I really wanted to  add something more to this convention than just a sketching /signing event. I wanted to do a panel where fans could ask Artists questions and where everyone could interact. I know it's common thing in U.S.  conventions for exemple , but i 've never gone to one so i was kinda anxious. Specifically because fans were able to speak a lot  with the Artists  prior to the Panel so i was afraid it  there would be no more questions left. 


But it worked.  It went smoothly.

Elias was the spanish translator and he did a great job .  the atmosphere was fun as neither the Artists nor the Fans took it all  too seriously. And as you can see it was set up in the signing/sketching room as the the room dedicated to the panel was taken at the last minute by C3-Po ( I hate Droids lol ) . It lasted for more than an hour .  The questions were pretty interesting : what the Artists thought about digital inking, what they thought about the new flashy way of coloring and why it was so popular, how it was  to work oversea and so on...



I can't sum up everyone's comments. Hey after all you had to be there. But let me share with  you a comment  from Carlos Pacheco when we were discussing the subject of flashy/in your face coloring. Carlos said that the way we read comics is in the exact opposite order compared to the way the comics are created. When you read a comics, the first thing you see is the coloring, then you see the inking , then behind the inking you see the pencils and behind those the script .



Jean-Jacques and Olivier don't seem to want to leave the convention! As you can see the place is empty, the walls are naked... and the security guys kept coming to urge us to leave lol

Don't ask me what those two were doing , i was just comatose next to them and i have no memory of this lol

Salvador and Carlos catching up time. This guys are so busy that they can only meet at conventions. It's been 4 years since last time they met ! 


Same here I have no clue  what Olivier is explaining to Trevor, could it be his next super top secret project for Marvel ? nahhhh !

Almost the whole gang  ! Last evening of the convention . I couldn't resist asking  someone to take a picture of us all. I know it's cheesy but i couldn't resist. and it gives me a souvenir in color !


This is a drawing the Artists did at the end to thank the Pulp's comicshop

 ( this is the shop who organised the convention and paid for everything ).

As a last word to end this mini-report, i'de like to thank the Artists who were more than talented. They were really supportive and I appreciate what they did more than i could tell.  Guys if you read this : THANK YOU !!!!!!