- Fantastic Four 5 July, 1962 Stan Lee/ Jack Kirby Prisoners of Doctor Doom! Doom kidnaps Sue, uses time platform to send Reed, Johnny & Ben to capture Blackbeard's chest & the magic gems of Merlin.

- Fantastic Four 6 1962 Stan Lee/ Jack Kirby Captives of the Deadly Duo!" Doom uses Namor to plant magnetic Grabber in the Baxter Building, hurtling it into space towards the sun

- Fantastic Four 10 Jan., 1963 Stan Lee/ Jack Kirby The Return of Doctor Doom! Doom visits Lee & Kirby; then uses Ovoid mind transfer on Reed to become Mr. Fantastic in body only.

- Fantastic Four 16 Stan Lee/ Jack Kirby

- Fantastic Four 17 Stan Lee/ Jack Kirby

- Amazing Spider-Man 5 1963 Stan Lee/ Steve Ditko Marked for Destruction by Dr. Doom!Doom asks Spider-man to join him; then mistakenly kidnaps Flash in Spidey suit.

- Fantastic Four 23 Feb. 1964 Stan Lee/ Jack Kirby The Master Plan of Doctor Doom! Doom captures the FF with the aid of three enhanced crooks; becomes trapped in subspace by a solar wave that disintegrates room.

- Strange Tales 122 , july 1964 Stan Lee/ Dick Ayers

- Fantastic Four - Annual 2 1964 Stan Lee/ Jack Kirby Origin of Doctor Doom; & The Final Victory of Dr. Doom (2 new stories) Origin story. Then rescued from space (issue 23) by Rama Tut; uses berry juice to turn FF against each other; defeated by Reed at the Encephalo-gun.

- Fantastic Four 39 June, 1965 Stan Lee /Jack Kirby A Blind Man Shall Lead Them Daredevil. Doom takes over the Baxter Building as the FF have lost their powers

- Fantastic Four 40 July, 1965 Stan Lee/ Jack Kirby The Battle of the Baxter Building Doom uses Reed's inventions against Daredevil, & then a rejuvenated FF; Doom's hands are crushed by the Thing in the final battle.

- Fantastic Four - Annual 3 1965 Stan Lee/ Jack Kirby Bedlam at the Baxter Building many guests. The wedding of Reed and Sue. Doom contemplates revenge.

- Avengers 25 Feb. 1966 Stan Lee/ Don Heck Enter Dr. Doom! Cap, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver travel to Latveria in search of a long lost Aunt of Wanda & Pietro, are captured.

- Fantastic Four 57 Dec.,1966 Stan Lee/ Jack Kirby Enter Dr. Doom! Inhumans, Silver Surfer Doom steals the power cosmic from the Silver Surfer.

- Fantastic Four 58 Jan., 1967 Stan Lee/ Jack Kirby The Dismal Dregs of Defeat! Wyatt Wingfoot. Doom defeats the FF with the power cosmic.

- Fantastic Four 59 Feb., 1967 Stan Lee/ Jack Kirby Doomsday Black Bolt & Inhumans. Doom continues his reign of world domination using the Surfer's Power and board. He's got a real cool style too. Hang ten, Master!

- Fantastic Four 60 Mar., 1967 Stan Lee/ Jack Kirby The Peril and the Power The Inhumans. Doom crushes the FF, but is tricked into flying the Surfer's board into Galactus's barrier, losing the Power Cosmic and falling into the sea.

- Daredevil 36 Jan., 1968 Stan Lee/ Gene Colan

- Daredevil 37 Feb., 1968 Stan Lee/ Gene Colan Don't Look Now, But It's Dr. Doom! Doom captures a weary DD, weakened from a previous battle, & switches minds/bodies.

- Daredevil 38 Mar., 1968 Stan Lee/ Gene Colan The Living Prison The FF. Doom & DD switch identities for a romp in the park

- Strange Tales 167 Apr., 1968 Jim Steranko/ Joe Sinnott, inker Armageddon! Nick Fury Has Doom playing a chess game of sorts with the "Prime-Mover" [a cameo appearance only].

- Marvel Superheroes 20 May, 1969 Roy Thomas/ Larry Lieber This Man . . . This Demon! Diablo. Retells Doom's origin and the story of Valeria, as Diablo seeks a partnership to rule using Doom's time platform, currently under armed guard at his replica castle in the USA.  (in bad condition )

- Fantastic Four 84 Mar., 1969 Stan Lee/ Jack Kirby The Name is Doom! Nick Fury. FF search for robots & are captured, to never again leave Latveria! [w/Crystal of the Inhumans]

- Fantastic Four 85 Apr., 1969 Stan Lee/ Jack Kirby Within This Tortured Land FF powers are reduced, hypno treatments subdue all aggression; super robots attack village.

- Fantastic Four 86 May, 1969 Stan Lee/ Jack Kirby The Victims! FF & villagers defeat Omnipurpose robots; Doom destroys the village but Sue's shield saves them. **

- Fantastic Four 87 June, 1969 Stan Lee/ Jack Kirby The Power and the Pride! FF storm the castle; Doom uses hypersound against Hauptmann to prevent destruction of valuable art. **

- Sub-Mariner 20 Dec., 1969 Roy Thomas/ John Buscema In the Darkness Dwells . . .Doom! Doom captures Subby in Latverian Embassy, tries to coerce a partnership against the FF

- Thor 182 Nov., 1970 Stan Lee/ John Buscema The Prisoner The Power and Dr. Doom! Doom kidnaps Dr. Blake to fix his face, transports to Latveria

- Thor 183 Dec., 1970 Stan Lee/ John Buscema Trapped in Doomsland Thor battles Doom to save a scientist from indentured servitude

- Astonishing Tales 1 Aug., 1970 Roy Thomas/ Wally Wood Unto You is Born . . the Doomsman! Prince Rudolfo. Doom creates an artificial being using cosmic power and his own brain patterns; Ramona who looks like Valeria, sets a trap.

- Astonishing Tales 2 Oct., 1970 Roy Thomas/ Wally Wood Revolution! The Faceless One. Former Crown Prince Rudolfo seeks to usurp the throne of Latveria, aided by the mysterious Faceless, while the android Doomsman runs amok, toppling all in it's path. 

- Astonishing Tales 3 Dec., 1970 Larry Lieber/ Wally Wood Doom Must Die! Doom and Faceless struggle for control of Doomsman; an earthquake destroys Castle Doom & the hopes of the Rudolfo's rebels.

- Astonishing Tales 4 Feb., 1971 Larry Lieber/ Wally Wood. The Invaders! Red Skull & his Exiles seize Latveria while Doom deals with a very stupid thief while on vacation in Monte Carlo.

- Astonishing Tales 5 Apr., 1971 Larry Lieber/ George Tuska A Land Enslaved! Red Skull. Doom battles Skull, is caught by surprise and trapped in an adamantine mummy, but he defeats them & uses shrinking ray on his enemies.

- Astonishing Tales 6 June, 1971 Larry Lieber/ George Tuska. The Tentacles of the Tyrant! T'Challa. Doom travels to Wakanda in search of vibranium, using tunneling machine to seek out the valuable metal.

- Astonishing Tales 7 Aug., 1971 Gerry Conway/ Gene Colan And If I Be Called Traitor! T'Challa. Doom captures the Black Panther while mining for vibranium in Wakanda.

- Astonishing Tales 8 Oct., 1971 Gerry Conway/ Gene Colan Though Some Call it Magic! Mephisto. Doom embarks on a dangerous battle with demons on a midsummer's eve for the soul of his lost mother. The first telling of this tragic tale.

- Incredible Hulk 143 Sept., 1971 Roy Thomas/ Dick Ayers Sanctuary! Doc Samson. Doom provides sanctuary to Banner at his embassy, and takes him to Latveria, intent on having the Hulk as his slave.

- Incredible Hulk 144 Oct., 1971 Roy Thomas/ Dick Ayers The Monster and the Madman! Valeria. Banner builds a gamma bomb for Doom, who harnasses the bomb to the back of the Hulk, but he is betrayed by Valeria.

- Fantastic Four 116 Nov., 1971 Archie Goodwin/ John Buscema. The Alien, The Ally and Armageddon! The Watcher, and the Stranger. Reed is brainwashed by the alien Over-Mind (an Eternal), and Sue asks Doom to aid the rest of the FF in a desperate battle.

-Fantastic Four  King size special 9 , december 1971 

- Sub-Mariner 47 Mar., 1972 Gerry Conway/ Gene Colan Doomsmasque! Modok. Doom rescues Namor from an amnesiac stupor, and convinces him to become an ally.

- Sub-Mariner 48 Apr., 1972 Gerry Conway/ Gene Colan Twilight of the Hunted! AIM. Doom and Namor search for the Cosmic cube, and find an underwater hideout where Modok and his android army await them.

- Sub-Mariner 49 May, 1972 Gerry Conway/ Gene Colan The Dream Stone! Modok Namor is captured, Doom fights androids to a standstill but is betrayed by a traitor who is disintegrated by the power of the cosmic cube.



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