- Hero For Hire 8 Apr., 1973 Steve Englehart/ George Tuska Crescendo! Doom hires Luke Cage to deal with some recalcitrant robots hiding in the black community.

- Hero For Hire 9 May, 1973 Steve Englehart/ George Tuska Where Angels Fear to Tread! FF. Cage borrows an FF rocket to go bill collecting in Latveria, and encounters the Faceless One.

- Fantastic Four 142 Jan., 1974 Gerry Conway/ Joe Sinnott No Friend Beside Him! Darkoth attacks Ben, while Medusa escorts a distraught Reed to a class reunion with Doom

- Fantastic Four 143 Feb., 1974 Gerry Conway/ Rich Buckler The Terrible Triumph of Doctor Doom! Darkoth, Ben, Reed & Medusa are held captive while Doom prepares to launch the Vibro-bomb to control humanity

- Fantastic Four 144 Mar., 1974 Gerry Conway/ Rich Buckler Attack! Sinister Seeker. Darkoth has freed the FF, Doom captures the Torch, the vibro-bomb is launched, and Doom retreats to an escape rocket followed by Darkoth, who forces them to crash into the orbiting bomb.

- Giant Size Super Villain Team-up 1 Mar., 1975 Roy Thomas/ John Buscema Encounter at Land's End! Doom falls from orbit but is rescued by Namor's flagship; reprints SubMariner#20 & Marvel Super Heroes #20

- Fantastic Four 155 Feb., 1975 Len Wein/ Rich Buckler Battle Royal! Silver Surfer Doom lures the Surfer to Latveria with the image of Shalla-Bal, the wife of Doctor Doom! The Surfer must destroy the FF to restore her memory of him.

- Fantastic Four 156 Mar., 1975 Len Wein/ Rich Buckler Middle Game! The Surfer will not destroy the FF, but captures them for Doom; while Doom siphons the power cosmic from the surfer for analysis.

- Fantastic Four 157 Apr., 1975 Roy Thomas/ Rich Buckler The Endgame Cometh! Doomsman II Doom uses the power cosmic to create new Doomsman android; Shalla-Bal remembers that she is not, and the Surfer joins the FF in battle

- Giant Size Super Villain Team-up 2 June, 1975 Roy Thomas/ Mike Sexowsky To Bestride the World! Doom seeks an alliance with Namor, and shows him the android army, which fall sway to Andro [once the original Doomsman], and the battles the two monarchs.

- Super-Villain Team-Up 1 Aug., 1975 Tony Isabella/ George Tuska Slayers from the Sea! Tiger Shark Namor rejects an alliance, but faces other foes on the once deserted hydrobase.

- Super-Villain Team-Up 2 Oct., 1975 Tony Isabella/ Sal Buscema In the Midst of Life . . .!Attuma Doom flies to hydrobase, and aids the amphibian Betty Dean Prentiss at rescuing Namor from Dr. Dorcas.

- Super-Villain Team-Up 3 Dec., 1975 Jim Shooter/ George Evans If Vengeance Fails! Doom & Namor join in battle against hydrobase and to release the amphibian hostages

- Super-Villain Team-Up 4 Feb., 1976 Bill Mantlo/ Herb Trimpe A Time of Titans Doom & Namor fight over differing ethics

- Super-Villain Team-Up 5 Apr., 1976 Steve Englehart/ Herb Trimpe And Be A Villain! FF; The Shroud. Namor pledges his alliance with Doom when Reed is unable to repair his damaged air breather suit.

- Super-Villain Team-Up 6 June, 1976 Steve Englehart/ Herb Trimpe Prisoner! FF; The Shroud The FF come to rescue Namor, while Doom squires Dr. Kissinger about his castle; and Namor ends up fighting the FF.

- Super-Villain Team-Up 7 Aug., 1976 Steve Englehart/ Herb Trimpe Who is The Shroud? The Shroud vows to kill Dr. Doom to make his place in the world, and appears to suceed when Doom is forced off a cliff by the hounds.

- Super-Villain Team-Up 8 Oct., 1976 Steve Englehart/ Keith Giffen Escape! The Ringmaster Doom leads Namorita into his castle, while Namor & Shroud flee from angry peasants and take refuge in the circus

- Super-Villain Team-Up 9 Dec., 1976 Bill Mantlo/ Jim Shooter Pawns of Attuma! The Avengers Prince Rudolfo, masquerades as Doom, capturing Shroud & Namor, and at hydrobase, Doom is attacked by the Avengers

- Marvel Team-Up 41 Jan, 1976 Bill Mantlo/ Sal Buscema A Witch in Time! Spider-Man & Scarlet Witch are drawn by Doom's time platform to 1692 Salem to face the witch trials [Doom does not actually appear yet.]

- Marvel Team-Up 42 Feb., 1976 Bill Mantlo/ Sal Buscema Visions of Hate! The Vision is drawn into the conflict with the Dark Rider. Doom joins them to defned the past.

- Marvel Team-Up 43 Mar., 1976 Bill Mantlo/ Sal Buscema A Past Gone Mad! The Dark Rider attempts to extract magical energies from Doom to increase his own power

- Marvel Team-Up 44 Apr., 1976 Bill Mantlo/ Sal Buscema Death in the Year Before Yesterday!Moondragon. Doom is almost lost, but finally uses his magical might with the aid of the others to defeat the Dark Rider.

- Marvel Team-Up 45 May, 1976 Bill Mantlo/ Sal Buscema Future Shock! Killraven Spidey bops around on Doom's time platfrom, to the future year 2019! [concludes previous storyline, Doom does not actually appear]

- Avengers 155 Jan., 1977 Gerry Conway/ George Perez To Stand Alone! Beast, Wonder Man following SVTU #9, Doom has defeated the Avengers attacking hydrobase under control of Attuma's slave collars

- Avengers 156 Feb., 1977 Jim Shooter/ Jim Shooter The Private War of Doctor Doom! Tyrak the Treacherous. Doom and Avengers team up against Attuma's forces, Doom steals a cell stimulator, but Vision destroys it

- Super-Villain Team-Up 10 Feb., 1977 Bill Mantlo/ Bob Hall The Sign of the Skull! Captain American storms the Latverian embassy while Shroud and Rudolfo invade castle Doom, now controlled by Red Skull, who shoots down Doom & Cap's plane.

- Super-Villain Team-Up 11 Apr., 1977 Bill Mantlo/ Bob Hall My Ally, My Enemy! Red Skull plans to use the Hypno-Ray, Doom & Cap are shrunk, but make way to the castle where Namor and Shroud assist them against the Skull

- Super-Villain Team-Up 12 June, 1977 Bill Mantlo/ Bob Hall Death-Duel Doom and Red Skull battle on the Moon

- Super-Villain Team-Up 13 Aug., 1977 Bill Mantlo/ Keith Giffen When Walks the Warlord!

- Super-Villain Team-Up 14 Oct., 1977 Bill Mantlo/ Bob Hall A World for the Winning!

- Super-Villain Team-Up 15 Nov., 1978 Larry Lieber/ Wally Wood The Invaders! [Reprint of Astonishing Tales # 4 -5 ]

- Champions 16 Nov., 1977 Bill Mantlo/ Bob Hall A World Lost!

- Master of Kung-Fu 59 Dec., 1977 Doug Moench/ Mike Zeck The Phoenix Gambit

- Master of Kung-Fu 60 Jan., 1978 Doug Moench/ Mike Zeck The Phoenix Gambit - End Game

- Fantastic Four 193 April, 1978 Bill Mantlo/ Keith Pollard Day of the Death-Demon

- Fantastic Four 194 May, 1978 Bill Mantlo/ Keith Pollard Vengeance is Mine

- Fantastic Four 195 June, 1978 Marv Wolfman/ Keith Pollard Beware the Ravaging Retrievers

- Fantastic Four 196 July, 1978 Marv Wolfman/ Keith Pollard Who in the World is Invincible Man?

- Fantastic Four 197 Aug., 1978 Marv Wolfman// Keith Pollard The Riotous Return of the Red Ghost!

- Fantastic Four 198 Sept., 1978 Marv Wolfman Keith Pollard Invasion!

- The Invaders 32 Sept., 1978 Roy Thomas, Alan Kupperberg, Frank Springer. Thunder in the East. Story occurs during World War II.

- The Invaders 33 Oct., 1978 Roy Thomas, Alan Kupperberg, Frank Springer. A Time of Titans! Story occurs during WWII.

- Fantastic Four 199 Oct., 1978 Marv Wolfman/ Keith Pollard The Son of Doctor Doom!

- Fantastic Four 200 Nov., 1978 Marv Wolfman/ Keith Pollard When Titans Clash!

- Fantastic Four 201 Dec., 1978 Marv Wolfman/ Keith Pollard Home Deadly Home!



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