Here is something totally exclusive ( please do not put those pages on your website without permission ) and cool ( well that's what i think anyway ). You see I'm a sucker for pencil arts. I mean I love the printed comics but I really really enjoy to see the pencil work before getting inked and colored. So I discussed this with my friend Jean-Jacques  and he gave me the idea of putting some pages on my webiste.  

So of course you may have seen some pencil work on websites, sketches, samples but this is your first time you'll be able to read a WHOLE ISSUE the way the penciller drew it. ( Plus some bonus like reworked pages, extras...)

I hope you'll enjoy looking at this pages as much as I did.  


Common Foe #1  ( May 2005 ) by Jean-Jacques Dzialowski ( Special thanks to  Joe Pruett from Desperado Publishing)
X-men #166 ( February 2005 ) by Salvador Larroca ( Special thanks to  Michael Marts from Marvel comics)

Amazing Spider-Man # 512 ( November 2004) By Mike Deodato Jr ( Special thanks to Alex Alonso from Marvel comics)

Uncanny X-men #448 ( September 2004) by Olivier Coipel ( special thanks to Michael Marts from Marvel comics) 

Legends of the Dark Knight #177 ( March 2004) by Jean-Jacques Dzialowski ( Special thanks to Matt Idelson and Nachie Castro from DC comics )

Batgirl #48 ( January 2004 ) by Jean-Jacques Dzialowski (Special  thanks to Michael Wright from DC comics )