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How did you approach this issue?

"I was anxious to get started, I knew it would feature Catwoman in a big way  and given my love for the character i just couldn't wait to put pencil to paper. When I first read the story, I truly felt like this was a genuine  movie script offered to me and this in turn prompted me to try and compose  the pages in the most cinematic way possible."

How did you approach Catwoman ? any influence ?

"Absolutely-- I loved the tone set with the new Catwoman series, so I tried  to stay true to the film noir feel. Which felt very right with the story Devin offered. I wanted to avoid depicting her as just another super lady but still wished to show her as quite a sexy and attractive woman. In other
 words, stay true to the character."

Where you familar with the "Matches Malone" ID ,  what was the challenge in drawing him ?

" yes i was, even if I hadn't seen Bruce's Matches persona in a very long time. I tried never to forget i was drawing Bruce/Batman all through the story. It was a lot of fun."