If you're an artist or a writer and if you want to come to Paris feel free to email me.  Same if you have comicbook shop or if you want to organise a con' or a signing in France, contact me. ( mylatveria@hotmail.com)

I'll list down here the stuff I organise .


9th November


Trevor Hairsine is back ! This time the event is organised by DELCOURT  Publishing , TOYSTAR  and Latveria for the release of the french edition of CLA$$WAR  !

The signing will take place at Toystar starting at 3.30 pm. The tickets will be given  starting at 2.30pm .


12 and 13th March 2005


The Toystar comicshop and I were back for another great signing!  This time our guests were Bryan Hitch and Trevor Hairsine ! Do i really need to say that it was a blast ? 

It was great to invite Bryan after meeting him such a long time ago as a fan ( and it was a way to thank him for his dr doom sketch back then ) . And Trev' , what can i say ?  You rock buddy !

thanks a lot guys ! and thanks to the Toystar crew , great job as always !


9 and 10th October 2004


The Toystar comicshop and I organised a signing with Mike Deodato Jr ! The atmosphere was fun and friendly ! Déo was just amazing ( pun intended ;) ) and offered everyone who came a great  sketch !

Special extra thanks to Déo for being such a great Artist and such a nice personn and special thanks to the toystar crew ! you guys rock !

Click here to check a little sample of the sketches Mike did 





11 and 12th September 2004


The Pulps comicshop and I organised a big con'. Well Pulp's is in charge of the whole event and of the Starwars, lord of the ring and so on... And I'm in charge of the Comics Artists ! The guests were Salvador Larroca, Jean-Jacques Dzialowski , Carlos Pacheco , Olivier Coipel and Trevor Hairsine !

( unfortunately Bob Layton had to cancel his coming and he apologises to his fans . but there will be another time don't worry Bob :) )

Click here to check a sample of the sketches the Artists did

and here to have a general feel of the convention 





15th May 2004


The Toystar comicshop and me organised a signing with Olivier Coipel (Avengers) and Jean-Jacques Dzialowski (Legends Of The Dark Knight ) at their comicshop.  An illustration by both Artists has been done specially for this event (see on your right ).

The signing went really great ( even if unfortunately i couldn't be there because of the Cannes film festival )

If you wanna check some of the sketches the artists did :

Jean-Jacques Dzialowski   

   Olivier Coipel  





18 and 19th October 2003


The Arkham Comicshop organised his 5th Annual con in Paris ( in a very nice place near the Champs Elysés. ). Arkham  invited Mike Oeming, Leandro Fernandez,  Ivan Brandon, Dave Johnson ,Giuseppe Camuncoli and Jean-Jacques Dzialowski for the Comics section of the Con'.

I organised the french part of the Comics section by inviting Olivier Coipel (Avengers), Stephane Roux& Karine Boccanfuso ( Witchblade ), Alex Nikolavitch & Aleksi Briclot ( Spawn Simonie ), Stephane Louis( Darkness), Gil Formosa (Robur, Darkness & Tomb raider covers ),  Stephane & Olivier Peru, Soul, Guile, Vincent Fourneuf, Jim Dandy,...


The con' was a success and I hope next year will be even better