In the Library you'll find most Dr Doom appearances in comic books. 

The comics listed in green are the one I own and in grey the one i still have to find. ( by the way my birthday is february 10th :) )

I'de like to thank  Fabrice, Dann and cocol2T  'cause some of the most precious comics I got with Doom , are the one they offered me.Also i'de like to thank the website Den of Madness ( a great website on Dr Doom ) 'cause i used their database to built my library. It's a shame they don't seem to update anymore...

By the way I try to make this library as much complete as possible so if you know of any other appearances of Dr Doom or if you have the credits for the comics ( i'm lazy , i won't open my comics :) ) so i can complete those; or if you have small (one line or two) pitch for the comics, feel free to send me a mail here  Thanks :) 

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2099 appearances.

Miscellaneous appearances.

Alternate Universes appearances