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Which page was the most challenging ?  

"there wasn't anything that was overly complicated, I really just have good memories of the time I worked on this issue. I liked the script quiet a lot, even though I canít properly explain why. I loved the atmosphere and  rythm of the story.

Page 1 was probably the most challenging because I wanted to put as many details as possible and get the most striking image I could to make the reader want to turn the page. Then of course the splash page ( page #2) because of Batgirlís first appearance and you donít want to ruin the moment."  

Is there a page that you would draw differently now ?  

"Probably every page. :)   Iím not happy with the pages looking back on them now. I would change a lot of things if I had to redo the book now. Generally speaking I have to say Iím never satisfied with the stuff Iíve done. Iím ok with it the moment I finish up a page but once I get a look at it the next day there is always all sorts of things Iíd like to change. I try to keep those changes in mind to make the following page better. But itís just never enough. Specifically maybe  I should have left more gutters on each page on one hand. And also I probably should have made Batgirl look not as lanky as I think she is."

 Looking back, which page do you prefer ?  

"Page 10, when Batman is talking with Barbara. there are no particular action but this really moody atmosphere... I think Drew Geraci and Jason Wright really contributed a lot to make this page special to me. "